My name is Del. I have been playing guitar for over 39 years as of this year, 2015. I’ve been playing bass for 10 years and keyboards for 9 years. I’m just a plain hack on the drums but can keep a beat. I actually have an electronic kit that drives MIDI output to my DAW where I run Superior Drummer.

I’ve played professionally during the height of the hair metal days and recorded during that period of time as well. I have been certificated as a live audio mix engineer and found it wasn’t a far cry to mixing for recording. I am now currently enrolled at Berklee Online for a BA in Music Production. A programme I definitely recommend.

In 2006 I picked up Cakewalk’s Guitar Tracks Pro 3 and quickly progressed to their premier system Sonar Producer. I found quickly that I needed more capability and more pro studio like tools that were not available in the base package of Guitar Tracks Pro 3. I have since moved to an Apple Mac running Pro Tools 2018, Logic Pro X and Propellerheads Reason 10.

But upgrading & cross-grading provided other challenges. Mostly hardware related but also software related. I found the need to have a computer system that was more plug and play requiring less intervention. I also found that I needed to invest in appropriate microphones, and better quality recording interfaces than what I had initially purchased.

What I also found is that this is as much of a learning experience. Like learning to play the guitar it is something that must be practiced and you always have to try and strive to acquire new skills and capabilities. And your knowledge, skills and understanding are continually evolving.

This blog is about that evolution. It is also about the trials and challenges that I face as I learn the process of recording as it evolves. But, also it is about my evolution as a composer and musician.

If you would like to hear samples of some of my work they can be found at:



Draconian Saint

The website for Draconian saint is far from being more than a template. Meaning it is incomplete. I haven’t had time to work on it. But it can be found at:




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  1. Hi! I have just made the line 6 expression pedal cry baby mod but it doesnt work, I already checked your pics searching the fail but cannot find the point. Have to be the m13 configured somehow to make it works?? Thank you in advance!!

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